Thursday, November 19, 2009

and the flame noticed...(part one)

we sat on the couch last nite talkin'.
he was talkin' about sadness.
he was feelin' it about his own things.
'i don't remember it being like this before.'
i said to him. 'i guess it's the age...people
die, things happen...'

he nodded and listed the things that had
happened since we've known each other. the deaths,
the things that have changed that we can't fix,
the losses, the loss of hope in some places,
all that stuff.

i started talkin' about someone's health problems,
and he brought up a guy he knew who was really
doin' well. i stopped and asked him....'does he
really reach out to other people?' i told him i
asked cause i saw it all the time with the people
coming thru bone sighs. the ones who can really reach
out beyond themselves, those are the ones who get
up again and don't just survive, but become.

he nodded. knew what i meant. but said this guy
seemed to focus on gratitude.

ah, yeah.

we talked of gratitude and reaching out being magic
in what it does for people. how that was an incredibly
powerful combination.

after he left, i sat on the couch by myself.
there's too much sadness right now. it's ridiculous.
it's all around me. i've got to focus on the good or
i'm just gonna sink.

and then i took my walk this morning...

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