Sunday, November 8, 2009

they make me happy.

i had the funkiest most wonderful zinnias
in my window box. i totally loved looking out
my living room window at these tall hippie
flowers lookin' so bright and perky.

i cut them down last week and it looked so

i wasn't gonna plant anything in there.
it's winter....i'll end up putting christmas
lights in there. just leave it alone, ter.

oh but it was soooo bleak.

so i got me some pansies.
and i planted them in my window box.

and the joy!
oh my goodness!
the joy i'm getting from them!

yesterday i picked up more pansies.

and i'm planting them today.

i usually get stuff so that 'the yard looks
nicer' or some boring reason like that.
'this will look pretty when you walk up.'

i got these cause they make me happy.

that's the only reason.

i'm planting them cause they make me happy.

and every time i walk by them they'll make
me smile.

what an absolute delight to do something just
for that reason alone.....

they make me happy.

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