Sunday, November 8, 2009

flowers...vases...and a wonderful smell....

i didn't see him when he came in.
i was up in the attic.
so he had time to put the flowers and vase
on the table and come on up and join us
in the attic.

we hung out for a few minutes, then went down.

i turned the corner to my kitchen and just

there was the prettiest vase filled with gorgeous
roses and star gazer lilies....and their smell
just filled the room.

i just stood there.
they were beautiful.

he spoils me with flowers.
he always has. and i love it.
but this was a bit extra even for him.

he stood behind me,'you're not saying anything.
i can't tell if you like them.'

i turned to him and hugged him.

it was the vase....something about the vase...
it just really told me 'i love you.'

turns out, it's made in america.
we both have this 'made in america' thing and are
trying to reduce the made in china spending as much
as we can. and there was this tag on the vase that
said the america thing. i was surprised.

where'd you get it?? i asked.
he wouldn't tell. he doesn't tell when it's a gift.

later, over dinner as he and i sat with the flowers
i found out he ordered it special off the internet.

i grinned.
picturing him ordering a was just too fun
a visual. the fact that he actually took the time to
do that.....meant a ton.

it's funny.......i didn't know any of that when i
looked at the vase the first time.

i just knew it was sayin' loud and clear 'i love you.'

the smell of the flowers just fills my kitchen.
i walked by last nite on my way to bed, and this morning
as i got up and was hit with the smell....

closing my eyes each time, i breathed it in....
and felt loved.

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