Sunday, November 8, 2009

a little piece of heaven....

i went out to plant my pansies.
it's totally like a warm spring day
outside today.
i felt the sun on my skin and it just
felt so healing. i need to stay out
here i thought. this feels like i need it

i planted some of the pansies in a pot
and then plopped the pot on the porch.
i leaned back, looked, and laughed out

why does everything i plant look like
a hippie planted it?? why is it i can
never quite make it look a bit more um...
'kept' or something???

it looked like a massive mound of greenery.
i laughed, shrugged my shoulders...
oh well.

and decided i needed to stay outside.

christmas lights.


perfect day.
so warm my fingers won't get cold....
and a perfect excuse to stay outside.

ohhhhhh.....i went up to see if i could
get the guys on board with the lights.

i was sure they'd roll their eyes and say no.

they were in! just give them a little time.


i grabbed the lights, and a special drink i
had gotten myself for a treat a few days ago.
i was saving it for just the right moment!

the right moment had come!

actually runnin' thru the house so excited
that i'd get a moment out in the sun all
to myself with a treat of a drink....
i scooped up everything i needed.

i sat in the sun, on the ground.

'i want to smell the grass.' i thought.
'i want to smell LIKE the grass,' i thought.
and i lay smack down in it.


i sat up.
stared at my house.
trying to figure out what to do with the lights.
and i sipped my drink.

and i delighted in a little piece of heaven.

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