Sunday, November 8, 2009

christmas lights!

so there we were up on the roof.
yo, zakk and me.

they were puttin' lights up.
i was tryin' not to fall off.

we laughed, joked, talked, and figured
out what we were doin' with the lights.

'you sure you're okay with this?' they
asked as they set out a really uniform

'this is awfully symmetrical for you, mom.'

i grinned.

thought of my hippie pot of pansies i just

'that's okay.' i said.
'it'll surprise everyone.'

it was so enjoyable.
no hurry. no crazed rush.

the past few years, it's gotten really hectic
around here business wise for christmas.
we've also had big time deaths in the family
the last two years.

doin' things like puttin' up the lights has
always been a fitting it in kinda thing.
last year i remember just trying to make it
nice for the guys when all i wanted to do was

not today.

it was a leisurely treat.

and THAT felt like a real gift of the season.

i think i'm gettin' in the mood around here!!

and i'm laughin' about that.

we prolly won't turn the light on til after


but i don't know.

i'm feelin' like i want to enjoy the holidays
this year.....

pass the eggnog!

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