Monday, November 9, 2009

who's sad? who's happy? who's who???

a couple of things happened last nite
that made me sad.
ah. i didn't much feel like bein' sad.

but there i was.

i lay down to go to sleep and thought of
one of my favorite books. it's called
'who dies' by stephen levine. it's totally
awesome. he worked with the dying. every
page is a gem.

he talks about looking at your thoughts
and feelings and becoming aware that they
are not who you are.

so if you're sad, he asks you to look at that
and ask 'who's sad?' and kinda step away from
it and watch the process goin' on.

so i lay down last nite and asked myself
'who's sad?'

i grinned a goofy grin and shouted in my head

then laughed.
prolly not what he meant.

and i tried again.
and watched the process inside me until i fell

things look better in the morning. and i handled
what i needed to handle....

it's a new day.
i want to be happy.

and then i smile, sit back and think 'who's happy?'

it's such a funky thought...

who the heck are you?
you all those thoughts and emotions?
or do they just rattle around inside you?

i think it's time i pulled that book out again....

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