Wednesday, December 2, 2009

bowing to the changes....

okay, while i do think that i'm on my way
up and out of my midlife crisis....
i see clearly, i'm not out of it yet!
i've still got some pretty big waves that
wash over me sometimes.

it's been cold at nite the last few nites.
so we've had the pellet stove on.
usually the guys sleep with their doors
closed, but when the stove's on, if you
want heat, you gotta open your door!

so i walked by their rooms this morning
on the way to the bathroom. their doors
were open. i could peek in.
i saw lumps laying there in the darkness
and i got so darn smaltzy.

i went into the bathroom thinking
'i'm gonna miss them so much when they're

got kinda overwhelmed with life moving
on and on on and on and on.

came down to an email from josh.

it's his year anniversary as a home owner
and in the spirit of doin' something
'corporate' he'd like to take me, his
co-signer, out to lunch.

i laughed.
and immediately accepted.

yeah, yeah, they move on....but you'll
always have them, i told myself.

life keeps changing.
i've got to be the world's slowest
adapter. as i was thinking about this,
yo came in.
he and zakk are headin' out to a business
conference today.

joining me for a quick walk, we headed out
to the grocery store.

he told me about the conference and what
he's hoping for. i listened, looked up
at his tall self and smiled.

as we walked back home, we got a great view
of the sunrise in the sky....

we talked of the colors changing and mingling.
'like life,' i thought.

the colors change and blend and change again.
over and over again.


you can't quite hang on to it and stop the
changes....but you can hold it gently as it
slides on thru your hands....

it is in that gentle holding and touching
that my heart fills with gratitude.

bowing down to the changes....

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Merry ME said...

Okay, you're kidding right? It's been a year since Josh bought the house? No way? Time doesn't move that fast does it?