Tuesday, December 1, 2009

blowin' me outta the water....

they waited til i was headin' to bed
to show me these incredible projects
they'd been workin' on for weeks.

i'm gettin' over a cold. have no energy
at nite. really ready to fall asleep.

'just one minute, mom. you gotta see this.'

i'm really ready for sleep.


they hand me the lap top.

my mouth fell open.

they laughed.
and showed me all they had been doin'.

the talent they've got astounds me.

when i finished looking at everything,
i got out of bed, curled over to
my knees and shouted 'you guys are gonna
blow me outta the water!!!'

and they are.
and i'm so so tickled.

josh called right around then.
i picked up the phone and didn't even say
hello. i just started with 'ohmygosh, josh,
these guys are gonna blow me away!'

he laughed.
'i know!' he agreed.
and we talked of how talented they were.

zakk and yo were nearby hearin' it all.
i love that about this group.
there's major inner circle rejoicing.
and i love that.

this morning at breakfast, i want to have
a money talk with them.
a real good money talk.

cause i think they'll be making plenty before

and money's such a funky thing.

i walked and thought about it.
and mothering.
and smiled.
all the talks over all the years.
all the trying to guide.
and now...here...we're at the money talk.

i know we're gettin' close to the end.

it's quite a feeling.
quite a subject.
there's a whole lot in that one subject.
i'm sure this will be the first of a few

what a journey.
what a privilege to watch these fellas bloom.


Dani said...

In the moments I doubt myself, or I think I haven't done enough to change the world, or that I haven't created anything truly great to leave behind, I look at my sons and the men they have grown into being. I am humbled and exalted at the same time, knowing I had some part in all that!!

Merry ME said...

Especially when I doubt myself, I wonder how did my kids turn out so great! Magic? Fairy dust? Rubbing the Buddah's belly? It rarely occurs to me that I did anything to form such wonderful people. When am I gonna learn that the apples don't fall far from the tree?

Thanks for the insight. And for letting us share in your joy and pride.