Wednesday, December 23, 2009

a date with the universe

i crunched out in the snow this morning.
just to put the mail and recycling out,
no walk.

the snow made the best sound under my feet.
i decided to make a new path round the house
so i could listen to the crunching.

i looked at the trees against the sky...
listened to the crunch, felt the cold.

i gotta take a walk by the river tomorrow,
i thought. over near josh's house.

it's be christmas eve day, and it'll be

and i thought about how bein' outside is
like bein in church for me.

i'm not christian. christmas isn't about the
birth of jesus for me. but it is holy
just the same.

for me, it's about hope and light in the
darkness. it's about faith and love.
it's about something so bright and intense
that it can shine thru any darkness.
it's about the sacred.

i gotta be outside to celebrate that.

i could hear that message in the crunch
of the snow.

i got a date with the universe tomorrow.
and i'm looking forward to it.


Nurse Practitioner Sue said...

Nature is my sanctuary.

~peggi~ said...

i firmly believe that ALL paths are holy and that everyone's journey is sacred. and because the paths meander and intertwine, sometimes we get a chance to share another's journey for a time. thanks terri, for sharing your path with me. merry christmas!