Thursday, December 24, 2009

get out of yourself

i got a heartfelt note from a young man in my life.
he's doin' some searching and trying to find some
things out. i had to laugh at his last sentence:

'you have always been a spiritual person, so i figure
you would be a good place to start. google won't
help me.'

i laughed when i read that.


i wondered what i would say to him.
what did i really believe would help him.

and the answer popped in.
i hesitated because it can sound really trite and
it can turn people off.
so i remembered what i'm forever sayin'....
'presentation is everything.'

i'd need to present it right.

but the bottom line was 'get out of yourself.'
reach out and care about other people.

so many of his problems would go away.
i totally believe that.

the problems i see all around me are so often
because of people being self consumed.

the problems inside me happen a lotta times
when i get stuck on me.

get outta yourself.

so, okay, i worked on my presentation and added
five gazillion paragraphs. but that's the basic

and i've been thinking about that this morning.
along with 'presentation is everything'
you know, that part is really important too.

so it's christmas eve day.
and i want to make sure i get out of myself.
which should be easy to do.
it's pass presents around day.
and goof with the kids day.

it should be easy.
and i know some days it's just not as easy.

i want to remember what i told him.
cause i really think it matters......

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