Saturday, December 26, 2009

a favorite moment......

it's a really fun game.
and in this group it causes huge amounts of
banter and comments.

a statement is read and you vote on who around
the table the statement is most like.

you also vote how people will vote about you.
so you can say nobody things that's me, most
people think that's me, some people think that's

some things you just know no one thinks is you.
like when the statement came up about the person
who would win the triathlon. i was sure no one
would vote me. and i was right.

each round causes a major ruckus and people hoot
and holler about everything. this is a good group
for hootin' and hollerin'!

at one point bob voted for me just to mess things
up, not cause he believed it. so there was great
uproar at the table and major screaming (uh, yeah,
from me) and we insisted all votes must be made
with honesty.

so along comes this one: you need someone to
help you write a love letter. who do you go to?

since bob has a reputation among us as being pretty
much a clod with anything delicate, it was clear
around the table that he wouldn't be voted for.
you could just feel the smirks.

when bob threw in his votes he emphasized them
with 'i hope everyone's voting with integrity.'

when the cards were turned over, every card voted
for me to help write the note (i have a reputation
for the smaltz...)except for two....they came up bob.

bob's mouth fell open.
WHO DID THAT?! and he turned with this crazed HOW
COULD YOU?! look. (we get into games around here)
sitting next to him, i shrunk down in fear and looked
up at him and said real timid like 'i love your love
letters. you write beautiful ones. i'd go to you for
help. no one writes like you do.'

the entire room roared with howling laughter.
bob looked down at me....wanting to kill me but thinking
it was sweet at the same time. what could he do??
he had that grinch look goin' where the grinch's heart
starts could see him fighting between
kill her and love her.

and i laughed and laughed.
and said it was true. i meant it.
and the guys howled and heckled.....
and they whooped and hollered and laughed some more.

it was one of my favorite moments of the day.

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