Saturday, December 26, 2009

christmas day.....

there were some really odd gifts....
and some really interesting gifts....
and some gifts that hit just right.

i love watching their faces when they
open them....

zakk's the best when you hit something
that he loves.
this smile starts out slow, and then
his whole face is totally lit up.
and you know you hit it right.

each one thanked me up and down.
we had cut back this year. toned it down.
not that it was ever really anything incredible.
just lots of crazy things.
between trying to avoid 'made in china' stuff
and tryin' to budget a bit, it was toned down.
the guys had actually specifically requested it.

they were so grateful, commenting on the thought
behind each gift.

sometimes i wish i could give them the darn moon.
they make giving really fun.

when they got back from their dad's that evening,
we sat around the kitchen table playing games.
i stepped out of myself and looked at it all at
some point.

the carryin' on around the table.
the presents scattered all over the place.
the food everywhere.
the darkness out the window, the sound of the rain.
the banter between the guys.

what a day.

merry christmas, ter. i told myself.

merry christmas.

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