Friday, December 25, 2009

merry christmas!

merry christmas!

i can't sleep.
i've been up for a bit trying to sleep.
but it's christmas!

i'm gonna have to wake the guys soon!!!

i really kinda had my christmas yesterday.
that's my full day with the guys.

we went sledding....
and i swear, i felt like their little sister.
i was out there tumbling down that hill
and huffin and puffin' my way up....
and felt like i was ten years old.
i had bought a 'magic carpet.'
a piece of plastic to sit on and slide down on.

it didn't turn out to be too magic.
but i kept trying....
it was so fun.

and last nite, they gave me their presents
to me.....

they totally out did themselves.
every present they gave me made me feel totally
seen, understood and loved by them.

after opening the last present from them,
i just started crying.

they actually gave me a kid's tea set.
(a really cool one)
to honor little terri.

no kidding.

they gave me a book on mid life that looks
awesome. it looks right up my alley.
a book on business stuff i'm interested in, i can't
wait to dive into.
fantastically funky socks that i totally love.
lots of them that will go with my rocket dog shoes!
and! a learning electronics kit! told them i always
wanted one!!! they remembered, got me one.
they all said they'd teach me.

and! they bought an old dresser at the thrift store
and together they painted it up for me.

it's perfect.
funky, but classy.
they painted inside the drawers and they all
worked on different parts of it.

they pointed out who did what.
used paint that we used on josh's house....
so it all ties to his house.
and then put presents in every drawer.

i really really needed a dresser.
and i really really wanted a funky one.
and i really really love how they painted it.

when they saw my total delight, they beamed.

i watched them.
they beamed with happiness.

i tell ya, my living room was pretty darn
bright with light last nite!

i'm gonna go wake them...
it's time for some santa fun!
time for their presents.....

wait til josh finds his imiation coon skin hat!

i love christmas.....

merry christmas to everyone!


Anonymous said...

Oh, Ter, this is so beautiful! What a fantastic family you've wakened into being. It all sounds so wonderful and you deserve it all. I've admired your mothering skills since b4 I was even married and you've consistently been a great one. Now enjoy those splendid, thoughtful young men you've helped to create.
I'm so happy for you. Merry Christmas, dear Terri!

Merry ME said...

It's really hard to believe all of you aren't about 6 years old. Except for the fact that each of you is far wiser than a 6 year old. I love, love, love how you relate to each other. It's a gift.

I can't wait hear how the day turned out!