Tuesday, December 22, 2009

flour on my nose...

ohmygosh, i baked tonite!

christmas cookies.
like i used to.

i haven't baked like this in years.

it was the coolest feeling.

there's been major deaths in the family
the last three years.
there was major gunk goin' on the years
before that.

i haven't had the inclination to bake
like this in so long.....

and i baked.
and i blasted the christmas music.
and i cooked and i baked and i smiled
and i felt happy.

i felt happy.

christmas happy.

christmas can have it's weird moments.
it's not all suger plums and spice.

but i'm concentratin' on the great
and the tasty and the silly and the cozy
and i'm feelin' happy.

1 comment:

Zura said...

I so loved reading this. And I related. I haven't really baked since I was married to the boys' dad. And this year I have baked and loved it. Wish you and I were together and could throw flour on each other :)