Tuesday, December 22, 2009

one heck of a reminder......

she had left a message on my answering machine
the other day. when i walked in and hit the
button, i was stunned to hear her voice.
it was all shaky telling me of the 'near fatal'
accident she and her husband had been in.

i sat down in my chair and listened.
it was very clear to me that something really
bad happened and this didn't have to be the
call i got. it could have been a very different

we finally connected today.
and she filled me in on the details.

ohmygosh....it's one of those things you
only read about....truck hitting people
on the side of the road....

and the miracle?
all three people involved who truly should
have died.....are okay.

i listened, fought the tears, let some out
and got the goose bumps as she told me the

there will be recovery time and i'm sure
lots of headaches to work out....and trauma
to sort thru....

but she's okay.

and i don't know how to articulate what that
means to me.

it hits in so many ways.

it hits right away the 'it's all so fragile'
button. it hits those reminders that we really
don't have to be here another day....
it hits those.

it hits the 'your friends are gifts that you
won't have forever' buttons. enjoy them.
enjoy the moments.

and it hits how precious it all is.

what a time of year to be reminded......

may we all have a really safe holiday season....
and may my friend heal quickly and know what
a gift she is.

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Anonymous said...

Wow...this really hit me right now how fragile life is...even after all my family has been through the past two weeks.

My grandson could have been gone in an instant too. But somehow grace flew in the window and gave us pause...

I'm happy grace flew over your friends Terri!

I shall hold them up in prayer and thought...especially in this Holy of Holy Seasons...

We forget so easily, us humans do, as the busy-ness of life passes over us each day...

I swear this new year coming up I am going to start my mornings by giving pause to all the beautiful gifts that friends, family and even those we don't know, are to us. Each fragile moment in time is a gift and I am eternally grateful.

I am grateful for you too, that you see what we see and share of yourself the way you do. Grace in sharing and caring and paying it forward...ahhhh, how wonderous is that?!!!

All my love,
The Grandmother