Thursday, December 3, 2009

i see the moon....the moon sees me....

i had finished up.
the guys were out...
all was quiet.

ohhhhhhhhh i soooooo need this.

had told a friend earlier 'i'm really

i turned off the phones,
made some popcorn and a special

'because i LIKE popcorn' i said
as i wandered up to the kitchen.

'because i LIKE quiet.' i said
as i flipped off the phones.

this is gonna be MY time.

i have a new book.
a woman's book.
a gift from a friend.

i got in my jammies.
cause i LIKE my jammies.
didn't care that it was way too early.

snuggled on my couch.
the christmas tree was lit.

i leaned over to grab the blanket
to curl under. as i did so,i looked up.
the moon was shining right out thru the living
room window.

round and full and glowing and gorgeous.


i didn't know what to do.
look at the moon, my tree, or read my book.

oh my gosh.

i kept doin' all three.

and loved it.

the guys pulled in.
i said hello, welcomed them home.
and said 'join me, we have a visitor.'

yo sat down first.
zakk was in the other room.

yo knows me all too well.

he knew really fast i meant the moon.
he sat right next to me to get a good view.
'isn't it amazing?' he asked.

zakk wandered in.
zakk, we have a visitor.
sit down.
join us.

he had no idea.
yo pointed to the moon.
zakk looked at the moon.
looked at me.
'i have no idea what to say.' he said.
and sat down.

he talked about something.
i jokingly commented on it to the moon.
as if it was sitting with us listening.

zakk hesitated.
spoke again.
again, i commented to the moon.
yo was sitting next to me on the couch.

'i'm feelin' a little left out' he joked.

i laughed.

and just sat and soaked it all in.

i don't remember ever having the moon for
company like that before.

and i was just so grateful for it tonite.

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