Friday, December 4, 2009

grandmother moon

it was dark in my house this morning.
still is.
and i wandered over to get a drink of water
in my kitchen.
left the lights off.
went over to the sink, grabbed my cup,
started filling it with water when i glanced
out the window.

i did a double take.

the moon!!!!
right there.
right smack there.
hangin' in a tree.

i gasped.

and whispered hello.

i don't remember it ever hangin' in my face
like last nite and this morning.

hmmmmmmm.....i stood there looking at it for
a few moments. soaking it in.

was tryin' to remember if it was grandmother moon
or grandfather moon. what do they call it???

i'm thinking grandmother.
and i'm choosing grandmother.

kinda felt like i needed one of those lately.

so i stood there with grandmother moon and just
soaked her in.

between the ocean sky yesterday and these two
moon visits, i'm thinking there's a whole lot
i have to notice that goes on in my days.

little comforts and nudges everywhere.

i want to learn to see them.
once i see them, i easily feel them.

ahhhhhh and they feel so darn good.

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