Friday, December 4, 2009

what the doctor ordered....

i didn't realize how much i needed today until
i heard myself whining to a friend i'll be seeing
today. he was calling, checking to make sure we
were coming.

i heard myself tell him how tired i was, and how
much i needed the day....

after i hung up, i realized how important it was
to me.

the guys and i are taking the day off.
just us.
my favorite group ever.

and we're headin' out to see our adopted family,
the art gallery we love, and the mountains.

life has been wearin' me out the last few weeks.
and i'm ready to be rejuvenated.

a car ride, shoved in the car with these long
legged weirdos, laughing, music, and stories...
visiting people we love and who love us back....
no schedule whatsoever....

i think that's just what the doctor ordered.

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