Friday, December 18, 2009

it's all mine......

i am feeling soooooo in the holiday mood it's
fantastic!!! it's cold outside, it's gonna blizzard,
i just dropped off a christmas tree on someone's
stoop, i got in a surpise box of 'a little taste
of vermont' from my brother who went to vermont
for the very first time this year and knows that it's
one of my favorite places ever....

and now heckling......i have my neil
diamond christmas album on!

i'm laughing and holding my head down so no one throws
tomatoes at me! the guys give me such a hard time for
this one. i can't help it. he's from my teen years,
and i love him.

so i'm down here wrapping presents, listening and
he starts singing 'morning has broken' and he sings
the line 'mine is the sunlight, mine is the morning...'
and i thought...yeah. yeah. that's mine.
the sunlight. the morning.
and i thought of my walks.
those are mine.

then i thought of how the last couple evenings i've
sat and watched the day wrap up and turn to dark.

and i thought....
ohhhhhhhh that's mine too.
mine is the starlight, mine is the evening....

and i grinned.

i want it all.
it's all mine.

and it is.

and this fantastic feeling filled me.........

i feel really good today.
go figure.
and i thought i'd wind up in a dark hole.

i'm feelin' full of christmas......


Merry ME said...

I seriously believe a Christmas CD Grinch has been sneaking in at night and taking some of my favorite music. I'm missing a mix my daughter made me and the Irish Tenors. Now I realize I'm also missing Neil Diamond.

Wait! Stop Christmas! Call the Santa police!I must put on my Sherlock Holmes hat and muffler, stick a pipe in my mouth and go sleuthing.

Thanks for the reminder. And believe me, there is nothing wrong with Neil Diamond singing Christmas. In fact, I feel sure during that the angels in Bethlehem probably put a little "Cherry Cherry" spin on one of their glory halleluias!

Merry ME said...

I keep hearing the song, Light One Candle, by Peter, Paul & Mary (is that even weirder than Neil Diamond?) and thinking of you with your mennorah. Have you heard it?