Thursday, December 3, 2009

the ocean in the sky

a friend asked me to write something for her.
it's for a really difficult situation and i've
been hesitating and having a hard time with it.

it musta rained a lot here last nite.
i went to sleep with the sounds of rain.
and as i walked, i watched all the little rivers
thru the neighborhood.

the visual of a river kinda got to me and i
started thinking of writing something for her.

when i hit my goodmorningworld spot, the sky
was so darn cool.

totally cloudless UNTIL you got to the horizon
part right over the highway.

and there it looked like the water and the sand.
the edge of the ocean.

i stood and looked at it.

the ocean, huh?
not the river??

i grinned at the sky.

i'll try it.

today i'll be sitting and working on that writing.
and i'm gonna see if i can work with that ocean theme.

wouldn't it be awesome if i could?
definitely would feel directed by something more than
me. and that would feel so darn good.

i need to keep watchin' and listening....

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