Thursday, December 3, 2009

i LIKE this

i kinda hit a wall last nite.
something had to change inside me.
and i think it is. it did. or it's
happening right now.

which is awesome cool.

i walked around the house thinking about
the things i really liked in my life.

was focusing on gratitude.
with a real desperate feel inside.

so when i said things like 'i like my house.'
well i didn't just say 'i like my house.'

there was this big emphasis on the word 'like'.

i LIKE my house.

say it with meaning.
say it with drama.
oh yeah.
that was really cool.

so i started walkin' around listing things.

i LIKE this.
and i LIKE that.
and each time i said it with this determination
and strength that would knock anything flat that
got in my way.

it really really helped.

i don't remember ever doin' that before.

i don't know if it was the drama in my voice,
the emphasis with the word, that kinda thing....
or just the fact that i had hit a wall.

but as i walked around LIKING things,
i feel like i also took something,
wrestled in down on the floor and came up
feelin' way way better.

i usually think that we need to hold things and
be gentle and accept things and allow things inside
us. that seems to be the way things work best.

but i don't know.....
there was a wrestling match inside me last nite.
and it felt really really good.
it felt really really right.

i LIKED wrestling.

i think i needed that.

1 comment:

Camille Olivia ~ said...

we each have a warrior. and an angel. you seem to operate more from 'angel' than warrior. until now. and the 'wrestling'? that's warrior all the way. embrace her. she will help you as much as your angel will. as mr. miaggi ("the karate kid") said: "whole life need balance".