Monday, December 21, 2009


i had offered to be with her friday.
i figured if it was a hard day for me,
it would have to be a hard day for her.
it was the day my dad died, and i figured
my mom would be struggling.

she actually had stuff goin' on that day
and said that she found the day he was
buried to be the hardest day for her, and
would i come up then.


and that's today.

it won't be a long stop.
i asked if that was okay. would that be worse?
no, she said it'd be good.

so i'm headin' up to just kinda be there.
just for a bit.

what's hitting me this morning is that my family
isn't big on returning that kinda thing.
i don't even look for it anymore.
not from them.
and that's okay.

cause my family family....the guys and bob and
my friends....they're big on that stuff. they're
so there for me.

yo yo's headin' up with me today.
not cause he thinks it's the best way to spend
his morning. but because he figures it's not such
a great day for me either. and he wants to be there.

what's hitting me this morning is that i've found
that kinda support. that i've got a life filled with
that kinda support.

and maybe cause of that, i can give it to other places.

this whole interacting weaving web kinda stuff of life
is amazing......

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