Monday, December 21, 2009


whew i had one heck of a weird dream
and it really really scared me.
i actually turned the light on like
i was a little girl.

this one has my attention as i was
being attacked....but! for the first
time ever that i can think
was by a WOMAN!

in my dreams, the scary attacker deals
are always with men.

and this scared me enough to turn the
light on.

the timing of it all has me totally excited.

i finished that fantastic pomegranate book.
and it inspired me to get another book by
an author she mentions. so i've got my nose
in another and it's about finding the sacred

the idea caught my attention in the first
book, and there's something smoldering in me
now. i read some of the second book yesterday
and was really excited.

and then yesterday for the first time, i said
it out loud.

here's the best part...
the first person i've said it out loud to was
none other than bob!

oh that just makes me laugh.
you gotta know bob to appreciate this.
but just trust me when i say these are all new
concepts to him.

turning to him i gave this wishy washy kinda
'i think i might wanna find the sacred feminine.'

he's a way cool guy which is why i love him....
cause he called me on the wish washy stuff.

yeah. yeah. i DO wanna find it.

he called me on that too telling me i had it

i do like him.

anyway.......this is all brewing inside me.

and THEN i get attacked by a woman figure in
my dream.......

how cool is that?!

no. i have no clue what it means.
laughing......but it sure seems like maybe
there's an adventure starting.

one thing bob said to me last nite was that i have
a whole play ground inside me. he said i keep myself
occupied with it and i have lots of different parts
to it.

i protested as i felt silly, but then had to say
'okay. maybe i do.'

and i do believe there was a rumble on the play ground
last nite. and i do believe this is gonna be interesting!

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