Monday, December 21, 2009


i'm headin' out this morning and that
makes early mornings busy. i opted to
get up a little bit early so i could
fit the treadmill time in, but would
leave out walkin' outside.

there's not much street available,
cars need the room, it's not the
morning to walk, i told myself.

yeah. be practical.

i did the treadmill deal, and walked
thru the living room. it was beginning
to get light out.

ohhhhhh wow.
so so so pretty.

maybe just a little walk.

no, terri.
be practical.
you don't have time for it this morning.

no walk.
stay inside.
yeah, i told myself as i stood at the
window lookin' out.

maybe if i go out right now i can actually
catch that magic time.....

i gotta go.

i slipped my boots on, and even rolled
up my jeans a bit for when i have to step
into snow drifts to avoid cars....

quietly, as the guys were still sleeping,
i slipped outside.

ohhhhhh wow. i just stood there on my
little porch stoop. oh wow oh wow oh wow.

i stepped along this little snow path i
had made in the yard. three steps into the
path i stopped.

i just stared at the snow. it looked like
someone came along and sprinkled glitter all
thru it.

i totally forgot the glitter part of snow.

in my head i actually thought 'i don't know
if it ever registered before how glittery
it all is....'

i tilted my head different ways to look at it.
how could i forget this?

i guess i knew it was there. but i'm not sure
i ever saw it quite like this....

i headed around the block.
to go around, i have to walk up on a busy road.
hmmmm.....that might not work too good this
morning, i thought. prolly shouldn't, i told
myself as i walked that way.

it seemed real quiet up there. and the sky
was totally calling me....

i laughed as i went along that part.
unless i wanted to hop into snow up to my
knees, i would have to stay on the street part
and that meant zig zaggin' across the road
so that i could avoid the cars.

one would come one side, and i go to the other
side, then i'd have to switch sides for one
coming the other way.

it's not very long a stretch...
the length of a block....
but it provided great entertainment.

i joked with a couple people who were out.
one guy pulled his truck into the road
and then got out, leaving his truck running
and his door open as he went to the other side
to fix his mirror.

i had visions of hopping in his truck and
taking off.......i grinned.
he came around his truck just as i was walking
by. i shared my visions with him and we laughed.

he pulled off and i was still smiling as i looked
at the sky.

rounding the corner, there was this big smooth
patch of glittery snow. i stopped and looked
at the shimmering.

i tried to figure out if it was certain flakes
glittering or if they changed when i moved my

i pictured someone trying to explain to me about
light reflecting on the snow and how that's all
it was.

i smiled, and went back to walking. they have no
clue about the magic of snow.

walking back thru my yard it occurred to me
that glitter came naturally as a decoration.
i had never thought of that before.

how totally awesome.

and to think i almost passed up this walk to
be practical.


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