Sunday, December 20, 2009


and so we shoveled.
and shoveled.
and shoveled.

okay.i'm 48.
and i JUST today figured out how to
shovel snow correctly.

yeah, there IS a correct way.
cause the way i'd been doin' it forever
killed the inside of my elbow.
no kidding.

while i was digging out our mailbox
area, i figured it out!
oh man.
what a difference.

i shoveled and grinned. and shoveled
and grinned.

mygosh it takes me a long time to figure
things out.....

the guys were digging out our driveway
while i dug out josh's car.

my neighbor across the street came out
and hollered over. this man forever makes
me laugh. we hollered back and forth
carryin' on like nuts. then the guys
headed next door to help the guy who's
not so young anymore.

i heard them chatting as i did some of
our stuff and smiled. it's such a nice time.

when i headed up to help him with his mail
box area (now that i had the hang of it) we
caught up a little on life.

then we headed down to our elderly neighbor's.
yo and zakk finished her off (we had
started yesterday) while josh and i got her
mailbox area.

the man across the street came out to thank
the boys for doin' his driveway last nite.
made it a lot easier this morning, he said.

it was a total neighborhood affair.

another guy hollered up the street and goofed
and another neighbor pulled by in his car.

everyone's in a different kinda mood.
and i love it.

i wandered up and met the new guy on the
corner. i wandered back and joked with my
elderly neighbor....

and i looked at my neighborhood.

i love this place.
i have the best neighbors in the world.
and that's such a bonus that snow brings
with it....
we all come out and play in our own way.

and i love that.

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Merry ME said...

Can I come live in your neighborhood?