Sunday, December 20, 2009

let it snow...

i tried to throw josh down in the snow.
you know, really throw him down, jump on him
and mash his face in the snow.

somehow i had gotten lucky and done that to
zakk last year. (it was pure luck mixed in
with the fact that the only way to save himself
would have been to hurt me, and he's too
gentle with me for that so he let himself fall....
but still...i tell him i'm more powerful than him
all the time!!!)

i figured the luck would come again and i would
toss josh like i tossed zakk.


i got tossed a few times and just about broke
my arm before i figured out....maybe not.

josh loved it.
told me it was all his workin' out at the gym.
grinned at me and asked if it was like tryin'
to bend rebar???

i laughed....
admitted defeat and went in to dry off.
my jeans were so soaked you could ring them out.

we dribbled snow all thru the house, dried off
and laughed over the antics. josh was especially
proud of making yo fall on the porch. i was
still glaring at him as he had thrown a snowball
in the house to make that happen.

later that afternoon, i found myself walking
down our street with bob and the guys. we were
headin' up to the coffee shop. not even sure if it
was open, and not caring.

it was an excuse to walk.

the snow was fallin'. the guys were goofin'.
i slipped a few times. and we laughed and talked
and soaked in the scenes.

at one point, i fell behind everyone and just
watched them. i forget i hang out with such big
brutes sometimes. there were these four hulky
guys trudgin' down the road and i just smiled.

the snow was fallin in my face and life felt so
darn good.

the coffee shop was closed. but the grocery store
was open.

as we walked in, i heard the song 'let it snow'
playing over the speakers.....

i smiled.

let it snow. let it snow. let it snow.

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Camille Olivia ~ said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh. how i wish i could be there to play in the snow! i just saw some video footage of all the many inches...and it looks like you were right! a zillion inches of snow! how fun!(you're probably the only other 'grown woman' i know (besides me) who gets that freakin' excited about snow. just one more thing i love about ya, ter.