Tuesday, January 26, 2010

allowing your emotions

it was a gorgeous morning....
and it was lost on me.
i wore my hood for half the walk.
not payin' much attention.

i noticed.

and realized i was feelin' something.

okay, what?



i took my hood off and looked at the
sky. it's gorgeous. and i knew it.
but it wasn't fillin' me up like
it usually does.

i watched that inside of me.
do you close a door inside you when
you're discouraged? or does it take
energy away? prolly both.

do i try to change this mood?
i have so much to do today.
and it's gonna take energy.

do you actively work to change your
mood or do you accept where you're at?

i came up with 'balance it.'
allow it to be, but don't wallow in it.

allow it to be, and allow it to leave
when it's time for it to leave.
don't hang on to it, don't encourage it,
just allow it....

i'm gonna try to do that.....

it's a whole art i'm just beginning to
notice - the art of allowing your

i'm not real good at it yet.

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