Monday, January 25, 2010


i just got a comment on my last blog post
that was....well....hateful.

interesting too as this person has their
own blog with the word 'hate' in the title.
which is totally appropriate as the blog
is so incredibly filled with hatred.

in my mind he's a he.
but i don't know...maybe a she.
but prolly a he as he didn't like my hat.
and i think any she would dig the hat.

and funny, i think of hate filled people more
as he's than she's. but that's not really fair
is it?

i was busy and happy and up popped a comment.
and i actually kinda leaned back and went
that's mean.

and then i went to 'his' blog...and was amazed.

i considered posting 'his' comment because fair
is fair. he didn't like what he read and he
let me know.

i think it was the hat comment that decided it
for me.

you may not like my writing....but don't dis
my hat. i deleted his comment without posting it.

truthfully, amazingly enough, i had been thinking
earlier today how incredibly important it is to
spread support for each other.
how much it mattered to let others know they

yes, to spread the love.

and then i saw hate pop into my box.


i'm votin' for love.
spread some today......


Sorrow said...

I always think of hateful folks being "she"
I guess it's all life experience.
I like your hat..

Brenda said...

we do need to support eachother...we are not alone and writing helps us connect with others and share don't have to like or agree but don't be mean about it!

Whytefeather said...

I'm glad you decided to spread the love instead :) Some people, being hateful is how they make themselves feel bigger or better... it's sad that they live that way.

I like the hat and the crazy picture with the life jacket etc, I hope your friend saw it and it made her smile even for a just a minute or two.

Merry ME said...

The hat made me laugh. The hate me cry.