Monday, January 25, 2010

just for laughs

i walked into my studio last nite and
saw my life preserver hangin' there.

a good good good friend had sent that
to me as a keep me afloat
when i was struggling.

little did she know i immediately
decided to put it on whenever i felt
i couldn't cope! so it hangs in my
studio ready for when i need it!

she's rarely on face book as her computer
is too slow....but when she goes to
visit her dying father, she has access
to a faster computer.

she's there today.
and i know she'll be on.
and i know she's struggling about as
much as you can struggle.
tryin' to be there for her parents
and coping with all that that includes.

i wanted to make her laugh.
and as i walked into the studio last
nite, i remembered! i need a fun picture
for mustache monday on face book!
and i need to make her laugh!

i had a mission!

so i grabbed the life preserver,
the goofy glasses next to them (which i
believe i got while out on an excursion
with her one day!) and my hat that josh
had just found in his car!

it was so easy.
all my accessories right at my fingertips.
oh! with of course, my diamond ring that
was on my desk....

i put everything on and walked up to
yo's office. 'yo yo....will you take a
mustache monday picture for me?'

he was facing his 'puter.

he turned around.
looked at me
and then leaned way back in surprise.
and then he laughed.

'do you feel the least bit strange in that?'
he asked.

oh no.
i feel fun.
and i grinned at him.

i sent this picture to bob as he's not on
facebook much either.....
after saying he was speechless, he caught
his breath and said it was my 'safe picture'
he figures any guy who sees this really won't
be the least bit attracted, and he's glad i'm
putting it up there!


i have to disagree......
i think this picture is one of my best!
and i wanted to share here too!

and if i was a guy.......
and i saw a woman like this would snag my heart!
laughin' again.

okay....maybe not......
but it sure is fun!!!

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