Friday, January 22, 2010

a call...

she called last nite.
just to say hi.
someone who likes bone sighs.

we had exchanged a few quick notes.
and i had been to her blog.

so i knew she had delivered
a stillborn baby about two years

she has four sons. and one of them
is a year old.

so she's had a baby since that tragedy.

i can only just imagine how difficult
that pregnancy would be to get thru...

i asked her about it.
how she was feeling.
how she was handling it all.
complete with handling four young sons!

and she told me something that she's
been doing....

she's become one of the photographers
for parents who experience what she did.
i actually don't know much about it,
and you can see that the topic is hard
for me to even think about or go near...
but someone needs to take pictures
for the parents to have of their baby.

i had never ever even thought of that.

how hard all around.

and she does that now.

my breath was taken away.
and we talked about that.

she told me why she did it.
she understood what the parents were
going thru.
her own photographer, while nice enough,
did not 'get it.'

and she did.
and she could offer that to people like

i smiled thru some tears and told her
'you're gonna be okay. you will never lose
this sadness.....but you'll be okay.'

and i went on to tell her my theory....
having heard/watched so many stories of
pain and getting thru it....

it's the ones who can do something with it...
they're the ones who do okay.

doesn't mean the pain goes away, doesn't
mean they ever lose the sorrow....
but it's that 'becoming' part in the quote
'she didn't just survive, she became.'
those are the people who become.

what an incredible honor for me to get to
watch people doin' this all over the place.

what a humbling experience to watch people
take such pain and offer good things back.

sometimes i get really discouraged about people.
and then sometimes, i am so inspired....


Anonymous said...

While I was pregnant with Rachel, a friend of mine was also pregnant. She gave birth a few months before me, her third child. Emily was stillborn. They had their picture taken with her and it is very precious to them, very important.
And yep, you're right. If you can use your pain for others, you'll get through and not just survive, but become more.

Angela Donaldson said...

Can I just tell you how much I love you seriously!
You Rock Terri and I am so blessed to have had the chance to kinda meet you :).

Thanks for chatting with me and asking how I am doing it ment a lot.

If you come to Denver we will have to meet up ♥