Tuesday, January 19, 2010

embrace me baby!

so embracing my life fully has been on my
mind pretty seriously for a bit here.

my friend gave me a good laugh today when
he wrote and asked me what were my goals
for the week.

i told him i was havin' back trouble
and that i really wanted to get a walk in
before the week was over...and that i wanted
to embrace bob with all of my heart.

i smiled as i typed this picturin' my buddy's
face when he read the note.

he writes back to me 'i'll go ahead and
take 'embrace bob with all of my heart'
off my list since you have the covered.'

and i laughed.
i love my friends.

bob's likin' my plan.
and i'm likin' my plan.

but it's not all limited to mister bob there.
it's my life.
i've been walkin' around just so appreciating

and then i got a lovely snail mail card today.
i plopped myself down in delight and just
drank it in.

when i was all done reading it, i sat back
and thought about how my life is just full
to the brim with wonderful people. i love
my friends.

on the back of my card was this great little
write up about speaking your truth.
i wanted to share.

'it takes courage to speak our truth, and
often it takes considerable time to discover
what our truth really is. with much inner
reflection and life experience, layer upon
layer of borrowed beliefs slowly peel away
to reveal our essential core. when we find
our way home, the pathyway between the voice
of Spirit and our personal voice opens. it
is then that the gift of full self expression
blossoms to joyous freedom.'

pretty awesome.
(looks like you can find the artist here)

it finishes with a rumi quote i love:
let the beauty we love be what we do.

i so so so so so so want to fully embrace the
beauty i love.

i can hear my life hollerin'.......

how cool is this?!

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