Wednesday, January 20, 2010

my family......

i woke up and wondered about my back.
will i be able to spring outta bed this
morning??? i sure hoped so....

not bad.
not bad.
not perfect.
but not bad.

i thought of an exchange with an old
friend yesterday. we grew up together.
he hung out with my brother. and after
all these years, we're still in touch.

in reply to how i was yesterday, i told
him i was hobblin' around a bit but doin'

'what?! the eternal fountain of youth has
back trouble?! say it ain't so!' was his

made me laugh.
the bum.
and i tried to hobble faster this morning
just cause of his comment!

he's still very much like a big brother to
me. and i love him so much because of that.
he's not real close to his sisters, so he
likes the adoption we've done with each other.
fills a gap and is great fun all at the same

then, last nite, i wrote a friend a snail mail
letter and enclosed it in a card made by the
woman i've adopted as my mom.

realizing i hadn't called her in ages, i gave
her a call right then.

i heard myself with her.
she really is like a mom to me.
i shared with her some of the secrets of my heart.
some funny stories. and just soaked her up as
she told me her stories.
she shared with me her 'miracle story.'
i was impressed and knew why we clicked so well
together....we're both flakey and love each other
for it. we both fill needs for the other and have
a great time doin' it!

i was bound and determined to at least step outside
today....walked around the house. not real good....
but i was out there anyway.

and i was thinking of these people in my life i've
adopted. and i see clearly we all need each other.
and i see clearly we all love each other. and i see
clearly how they're the people i go to when i need

we've picked each other.

i've heard so many times now that sometimes you just
have to make your own family that i don't even pay
attention to those words anymore.


thing is.....i really have.
without even planning on it. i just did.

i'm not sure exactly how i've looked at that before.
with some sadness i guess mixed in with appreciation.
but in the whole theme of 'embrace your life, baby'
i'm lookin' at it with great gladness this morning.

great gladness.

i've got quite the family out there.
filled with characters i love.
who love me back.

great great gladness over here.

embracin' that part of my life this morning.......

embrace me baby!

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Merry ME said...

I've adopted you... as my friend, my therapist, my mentor, my egger-onner, my sister!

I used to think adoption was a bad thing. Someone had to "give up" something for adoption. Then I was a nanny for a family that adopted a baby from a young mother who knew she could not raise him as good as my friends. She didn't give him up, she gave him to. She blessed him and them with a precious gift of the heart.