Wednesday, January 20, 2010

embracin' here there and everywhere....

i hadn't seen him in ages...
and it was time for the year in review.
complete with my numbers.

i pulled out my sheet of numbers
and he asked me 'are you proud?'
i immediately answered no.

my numbers are way down.
i'm not proud of that.
but then he stopped me....
no. he meant that i EVEN HAD numbers!

when we first met, i wasn't exactly
your numbers kinda gal.
and he is definitely your numbers kinda

he's been with me since the beginning.
counseling me along. and we've learned
a lot about each other and working together.

at one point he even told me he went to a
conference and they had a speaker talking
to all these small business counselors about
'working with creatives.'

he told me she mentioned everything he had
learned working with me!!!

i laughed.....
ohmygosh. apparently i've stretched him a bit.

this pulling out sheets of numbers is a
fairly new thing.

he made a point of telling me how he was
proud of me.
made me smile.

i told him while i wasn't proud of the numbers,
there WAS a bright side to them, and i went
on to explain some stuff goin' on with the
business and what i thought was happening.

this really got him smiling.
look at this.
she's not only talkin' numbers, she analyzing
them! i think he just about fell off his chair.

it was funny too as i hadn't even noticed.

i guess i've gotten into this stuff.
i heard myself go on about some thoughts i had
and some goals for the year....
i guess i do enjoy this business stuff.

but then when i went to tell him about some of
the awesome notes i get....just so wanted to
share with him the heart part of it all...that's
where he made me almost fall off my chair.
with laughter.

he looked at me dead serious.
i had just told him i get 'some really amazing

'terri. it's three people who write them.
two write them over and over and the third person
figures out when to send them and who they
should be in their notes.'

i cracked up laughing.

'if you have the guys check the addresses, they'll
show you. it's really only two different people.'

this joke carried thru our whole meeting.

driving home i was still laughing over some of the
things he had said to me....

how in the world did i get a business counselor
who teases me like a brother??'

i smiled and drove and shook my head.
i have no idea how we've gotten to this point
we've gotten to....but i love it.

i heard that little voice in my head that i've
been hearin' for days...

'embrace your life, baby.' and i laughed.


i think i will.

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Nurse Practitioner Sue said...

Terri - that's what my son Steven does. He's an accountant & business consultant! Ha! & he would be really good working with right-brained ppl like you. This post made me LOL! You so totally rock!!