Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a friend with a heart as big as the sky....

so i wasn't exactly organized.
i did remember to pull some clothes outta my
room......but i forgot my socks!
things like that.....

even if i had remembered my socks,
i prolly wouldn't have gone for my morning
walk as i wanted to be nearby that patient
of mine.

i noticed the lack of the walk.
missed it.
even stood in the middle of my studio and
thought about it.

and then along comes a friend who sends me
a picture of the sky!
knowing i would prolly miss my walk today,
she thought she'd share some sky with me.

how totally cool is that?!

here's something to make it even cooler....

this woman is grieving.
she lost her daughter awhile ago and is workin'
on finding her way back to living.
on some days, i think that must feel about
on other days, she says she's getting stronger.

something i'm pretty sure of.....
when you reach out to others in completely
random acts of kindness.......
like sending someone a picture of the sky
as you know they'll miss it that morning....

it matters so much in the healing process.

i don't exactly know how or why....
but i'm pretty convinced it does.

when i saw that sky picture, i rejoiced to
see the sky, and i rejoiced to see my friend's
thoughtful heart....and i rejoiced because
i believe that heart of hers is gonna get
her thru.

i don't understand this journey of ours...
and some of it i sure have trouble with...

but moments like getting that picture....
well.....those are moments i just think it's
so cool to share the journey with friends.

thanking my friend.....
and the sky....

1 comment:

Wayne Norman said...

Your friend is a very special person. She doesn't realize sometimes the effect that she has on people with the things that she does.
Sometimes it is the little things; sending a picture to a friend.
Sometimes it is more; a look or the light touch of her hand at the right moment that means the world. She doesn't always do enough for herself, but I am trying to fill in there when I can.
I know this about your friend because she is my best friend and my wife.