Wednesday, January 6, 2010

angel nurses...

i love them.
they are special special people.
they were wonderful all around yesterday.

one came to get me to bring me to him before
he went to surgery.
she greeted me with "that one has quite the

we were walking down the hall.
i laughed and said 'try dating him!'
we both laughed over that one.

i was concerned he wasn't going to come home with
me. i mentioned that to the team. she looked at
me with this knowing look and said 'you and me.
we'll handle it.'

i grinned.

she ended up making him 'pinky swear' he'd come
home with me.

i had the biggest smile on my face when i saw him
loop his pinky into hers.

'you can't break those.' she said to him with such
a serious face.

i watched the nurses all day.
i had plenty of time to watch.
they were incredible.

in and out, fillin' people in.
laughing with people. talking with

he did come home with me.
i was so relieved to finally get him here.
and so nervous that he'd be feeling the pain before
we got him settled back. it was a long drive home,
well over an hour. closer to two.
complete with stop for meds.

he's good.
tucked in.
been up and down all nite.
but good.

as i hooked up his ice pump this morning again,
i thought of those nurses.
i was so tired i could barely see straight.

they just keep on rollin', keep on carin', and
keep on pinky swearin' with the stubborn ones.

thanking the universe today for nurses.

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