Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a sign in book to god....

i kissed him good luck, and left him to
the team. he'd be rolling into the operating
room real soon.

they have a special waiting room for you
where they come give you updates.
i didn't want to miss those, so i
figured my only chance to wander would be
right away for a little bit. then i'd
have to head back to the waiting room.

so i wandered.

found the chapel first thing.
well, then.
let me go in.

i really like hospital chapels.
i seem to end up in them a lot.

i ALWAYS stumble upon them.
never looking for them.
but go in when i see them.

there's still something about a chapel
that pulls me in.

i sat for a bit.
and sat some more.

when i wandered to the back, i saw
a guest book sign in kinda thing.
when i looked at it, i saw it was
actually people writing little notes
to god.

oh wow.

there were two places for this kinda
thing. there were all kindsa notes tucked
in this big statue of praying hands when
i first walked in. i noticed them right away.
thought it would be cool to see what they were,
but realized that wasn't for me to do.
i let those be.
those looked private and not to be touched.

this book, tho....
it looked like it was there for everyone.
it was like a guest book.
how totally cool.

i started reading some of the sign ins.

oh wow.

some were easy.
thanking god. asking for general help.
that kinda thing.

some were so heavy.
i stood there and read them and was struck
with the heaviness and pain that people
are carrying around.


people having trouble going on.
people so afraid of losing someone they
loved so much. and writing it all out to god.

this was at a hospital.....and the entries
reflected that.

i found a little corner and just sat down.

wanted to kinda just sit with all the feelings
that had come thru that chapel.

pulled out my little book to write.

but someone came in.

i tucked my book away, and left them be.
it's a place to be alone.
i wanted them to have that.

slipping out the door, i sighed as i turned
down the hall.

what a place.
full of life transitions.
full of people trying so hard to get thru them.

i felt so grateful we were just there for his
shoulder. i thought of him, sent him some good
vibes and kept wandering.

feeling very very lucky....
and thinking about god.

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