Thursday, January 7, 2010

funky flashes...

about the only sign of any changes in me
is these 'warm flashes' i have here and there.

yesterday i had caffeine which i don't do
much of.

i needed it to just sit up, i was so tired.

at the table last nite i got this warm flash
that was really warm.

and i had a memory.....

my family NEVER said anything body related.
my gosh.
we did say 'hot flashes'....and i think that's
it out of all the body related words you
could ever think of!

and my mom was goin' thru menopause.
and she had some hefty hot flashes.

one nite we were all sitting around the table
having dinner. i was grown. think i mighta
been back just visiting for dinner.

it was dark out.
winter time.
cold out.
warm inside.

everyone's eating and chatting.

my mom stands up.
says 'excuse me.'
and just slips out the sliding glass
doors that were right behind her chair.

she just slipped out and stood out on
the patio.

cooling down.

i remember just watchin' her, and grinnin'.

she came back in.
sat down.
and said 'that's better.'

and that was it.

i so laughed remembering that last nite!

what funky things these flashes are...

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