Friday, January 8, 2010

the gift of morning

everything's just a little outta whack
over here. instead of taking the trash out
before i headed for a walk, i was out there
in my pj's this morning, taking it out
so i wouldn't wake the patient.

out there in my pj's and polka dot wellies
in the snow!

wanting to scoot quick so no one saw me.
wanting to take forever as it was so beautiful

it snowed just a little bit last nite.
it was breath taking beautiful.

still dark.
moon up there.
white in the branches.

i can't miss a walk this morning.....

headed back in.
tended to the patient.
got dressed.
and headed out again.
'just around the block,' i told him.
i have my phone if you need me.

and i stepped out.

i don't even think i had two feet out
the door before i was gasping and thinking
it was the prettiest morning i've ever seen.

i grinned as i pulled the front door closed.

ter, how could you feel this way about EVERY

no, no, no......this one REALLY is, i thought.

then i thought......well, the ALL really are.

'it's like a christmas card.' i thought.
and then immediately looked down for the glitter.
my christmas cards had glitter on them this
year. a snow picture filled with glitter.

that's what this morning was.

i walked and thought of how it felt like a
gift just for me.

i held it like i was holding diamonds.

i needed this, i thought.

just something quiet, all my own, just
for me. something soft and gorgeous.

as i turned up the corner towards my
house, it was so beautiful that my eyes
teared up.

it's prolly about as self centered as you
get to assume the entire morning was a
present just for you.

but i think it was.
and it makes me really happy.

1 comment:

Merry ME said...

The really cool, un-self-centered thing about you Terri, is that you never keep the beauty of the day to yourself. You always share it with those of us who rarely even look out the window! I think you may be the farthest thing from self-centered I ever heard of.

Polka dot Wellies? oohlala!