Monday, January 25, 2010

glowing blue

i stood looking out my living room window.
the wind was whippin' the rain all around.
i had planned on taking a walk today.
first one in a week...

i was feelin' a little bummed...

it wasn't the weather that was gettin' me was my back.

it's still bothering me, but improving.
thought it'd be great today...
prolly overdid it over the weekend...

standing there debating, and feeling
bummed...i decided to start with putting
the mail out. then maybe just goin' down
the street just a little ways.

i popped the mail in the box, and looked
up the street.

oh wow.
would you look at that color blue???

i just turned and walked towards it.

it was dark out still.
the trees were black out against this
glowing dark blue.

i swear, it was just glowing.

'i have never seen anything like this
before.' i thought.

okay terri.
just wait a minute, i argued with myself.

you say this every darn morning and this
just can't be true.

you MUST have seen the sky look like this

i looked at that blue.
tried to figure out why it was glowing like

it was like it was trying to change into
day, but the rain made everything dark,
so instead of turning to day, it just glowed
dark blue.

truly stunning.

and no, i answered back...
i have NEVER seen that before.

and then i laughed to myself.
well.....i DO have a little memory retaining

the boys can tell me the same joke over and
over (just spread out over different days)
and i swear i never heard the joke before.

reading history for the third time with my
third student, zakk, i would be just as
amazed and just as surprised at the stories.

so there is a little bit of a memory thing
goin' on....and maybe i do that with the sky.
but i swear, it FELT like i had never seen
anything like it before.

i turned the corner to go around the block.
what the heck.

and the wind and rain whipped into my face.

i blinked against it, felt it fall all over
me and wondered why people don't like rain.

it feels so cleansing.
and mix it with the wind....
and it just feels like the universe is helpin'
me out a bit. washin' off some gunk.

i thought about how sometimes i feel totally
refreshed after that. like i had just had
a great shower complete with zest soap!

and then today....
i just feel more profound inside. more clean

the sky had lightened, it was gray out now.

but the glowing blue...that was still inside
me. holding it, i turn to my day....

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