Saturday, January 16, 2010

a good paragraph.....

i read this yesterday and really
liked it.

wanted to share.....

'everyone wants to be loved.
but first we must make ourselves
lovable. we must prepare ourselves
to be loved. we do this by becoming
ourselves loving, disciplined human
beings. if we seek to be loved -
if we expect to be loved - this cannot
be accomplished; we will be dependent
and grasping, not genuinely loving.
but when we nurture ourselves and others
without a primary concern of finding
reward, then we will have become lovable,
and the reward of being loved, which we
have not sought, will find us.'

that's from the road less traveled.

i finished the book yesterday and think
i'll just pick it back up and read it
all over again. i totally love this book.

the paragraph above really hit me.
i think i see what it says playing out in
life in lots of different levels. in myself
and in those around me.

yeah......we all deserve to be loved.
and i totally get that. totally on board
with that. of course.

but we have a part in that.
and i just think it's so important we don't

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