Friday, January 15, 2010

old pictures....

just before i opened my package (see post
below) i hopped on facebook.

a friend from my childhood posted old pix
of us. i don't remember ever seeing these
before. and i'm not sure if that's why or
not....but they really hit me.

she also sent me a copy of a business card
that was my dad's. i had written a note to
her on the back of it and sent it to her
after she had moved away....

the handwriting of my young teen years,
the being so proud of my dad's business card,
her moving away.
it all just came flooding in......

who were those kids?
were they really us???

where has all that time gone???
and what do i do with what's left???

i'm an absolute teary mess over here.
in a good way.......

i so want to make the most of it all......

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