Friday, January 15, 2010


i am sitting here completely overwhelmed.
in a good way.

a friend of mine who has been dealing with
such incredibly difficult things just out
of the blue sent me a present.

just out of the blue.

a 'random of act of kindness' her card said.

with such really cool goodies in the package
that she MADE!

there's this inspirational coloring book she
made with directions to color inside OR outside
the lines! complete with crayons!

a home made journal......and 'gratitude beads.'

it's a strand of beads that you run your fingers
over and with each bead you think of one thing
you're grateful for.'

my gosh.

this woman is dealing with her husband dying.
every day she deals with medical things and pain
and struggle.....

and she sent me gratitude beads that she made.

i just cried.

i'm gonna start a gratitude journal tonite
with this journal she made me. and with my

i'm gonna try to make it a little 'sunset time.'
that may make no sense to anyone else...but
it's from the post below.
makes sense to me.

i am so moved that someone in her shoes cared
enough to do what she did.

and i got to be the lucky person who received
these gifts.

my gosh.

i am totally filled with gratitude.

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Merry ME said...

I knew without knowing that you were writing about Miss Patti. She is awesome isn't she.