Tuesday, January 5, 2010

leaning, shoulders and morphine....

he's nervous.
shoulder surgery today.
the kind he gets is sposed to have a rough

i'll be hangin' out at the hospital while
it's all happening.

yo graciously offered his laptop to me.
i turned it down.
i got paper, pens, books and some thinking
i wanna mess around with.
besides, i told him, laptops are so isolating.

i wanna pay some kinda attention to what's
goin' on around me as i hang out there for hours.

i'm hoping to bring him home with me.
he's stubborn.
i'm figurin' tho, a little morphine and the
man is mine.

i really really like him on morphine.

once, he had another surgery.
i was there.
he had morphine.
and he has never ever ever been so sweet
in his entire life.

i still treasure those moments.
he has no idea what he said.
and i've never told him.
i'm the only one on earth who knows.
and i love that.

i keep teasin' him that i'm gonna ask the
doc for a little stash for him.

i think morphine would solve a lot of
our bumps in the road!

ah well......prolly not.

he has trouble leaning on people.
he doesn't know how.
i'm hoping that this round here will
teach him a little bit.
and show him it's really a good thing
to lean.

i learned thru my divorce.
first time ever in my life i leaned.

and i learned about leaning.
it matters.
it makes a difference to everyone.

and healthy leaning is a really good thing.

we all need to learn how.

should be an interesting day.....

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