Saturday, January 9, 2010


my last day as care giver.
actually, i'm not care giving anymore.
he's really on his own doin' everything
on his own now.

he'll be leaving tonite....

funny how it changes.
when he needed me to get up and get him
something, no problem. i'm there.
even tho i can't see straight or think
clearly, i'm right there. kinda as can

when you don't need me, don't even
bother me if i'm sleeping.

and i'm laughing over this.
cause it is so totally true.

i really coulda killed him this morning
when he woke me with his rattlin' around
the room.

i wanted to poke sticks in him.
i sooo wanted to sleep this morning
and i so saw it as completely unnecessarily

i haven't wanted to kill him at all until
this morning.

so what's the difference?
the mindset.
and the expectations.

both are different.

and i find that really really interesting.

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