Sunday, January 10, 2010


yo headed out early to fix his truck.
zakk was still sleepin'.
i watched yo creep quietly around
getting what he needed and being careful
with the door so as not to wake zakk.

i smiled as i watched.
i loved how he did that.

bein' a way cool brother, i thought.
they really look out for each other.
i love that.

later on, he and zakk headed out with the
truck. would be gone for the day.

that evening josh came thru.
was sittin' on the floor by our pellet
stove chattin' with bob and i, when his
cell rang.

it was yo.
yo had just begun talking when i watched
josh stand up and start putting on his
shoes as he listened.

'do you need any tools?' he asked.
'i'm on my way.'

they had broken down not too far from the
house, but in a spot that was bad for traffic.

josh was headin' out to help.

honestly, he was out the door in 10 seconds
as he told me what was up.

all i could think of was a horror story a friend
had just lived thru with car trouble she had
had on the side of the road.

i kept seein' visuals of her story, and i was

at the same time tho,i noticed how fast josh
moved, how there was no hesitation. how he
was just a great brother.

i hung around long enough to catch a few phone
calls and get a chain out of the shed....
but i was goin' nuts, and didn't want to be
the overbearing mother, which i totally really
wanted to be, so i took bob home to busy myself.

i was standing in bob's hallway teasing with him
and his son about my sons. they had found a parking
lot to pull into and work on the truck.
i was teasing that i was gonna go over and protect
them a bit. i was teasing. but i meant it.
when my cell rang. they were home safe and sound.

when i pulled in, yo was by the heater warming his
toes, and they were all just hangin' out.

the stories began.
josh pullin' the truck with his camero. the chain
getting slack then tensing, the truck unhooking.
all the wonderful towing home a truck stories.
they laughed and carried on.

i teased zakk about not having a coat.
i had tried to get him to wear one when he
left that morning.
turns out josh had given zakk his when he went to help.
i heard that and just smiled.

when yo thanked josh for the tow, josh was quick
to say 'i owe you a buncha tows, no problem.'
and they joked about how many times they've done that
and how they need a towing strap.

i watched.
and thought how totally cool it was they had each

i had two brothers growin' up.
it was nothing like this.
nothing at all like this.

i'm not sure they really know how lucky they are.
cause it's all they've ever known.

but it is way way cool to watch.
they'll always have each other.
how cool is that?

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t2 said...

AWESOME, Ter! And I admit, I was holding my breath through those first few paragraphs - then a big *gulp* - then - whew! - sigh of relief! I'm STILL nervous driving. I hate it now :(