Monday, January 11, 2010

an opposite machine

just to be clear....
i do not have any cold medicine in me
at the moment.
i sure feel like i do.
but i don't.
so if this makes no sense, it's just
cause i make no sense.

i've got a cold.
and it's been really cool to watch.

i had SO SO SO wanted to conquer the new
year. i mean big time wanted to conquer

big sigh here.

between helpin' bob and now a cold,
it's just not happening.
and that's totally bummed me out.
frustrated me.

at the same time......
everyone's leaving me alone as no one
wants my cold, so i'm quietly pluggin'
away getting some boring things done.
feels good.

so i noticed.
there's this feels bad thing in me
(not conquering the world) and this
feels good thing in me (quietly pluggin'

and i thought how cool it was to house
both of those things at the same time.

there's this real real fuzzy, non-thinking
part of me right now. it's really overtaken
a lot of me. and then there's this real clear
profound part of me at the same time.

i've really been missin' my time with the
guys. haven't had any in over a week and
i'm really missing it. at the same time
there's this part of me that's loving the
solitude i've got right now.

ohhhh i squealed when i saw all this.
i'm a darn walkin' opposite machine today.

i can house all this inside me and still
seem fairly sane.

the musings of all the different things we
can hold at once has come up several times
for me now.

i think it's good for me to see.
cause i think i need to know i can hold lotsa

they don't have to overtake me.
they can dance inside with lots of things.

new thought.
just hit!

do they dance with the other things?
or do they do their own thing on their own???

lookin' at today's stuff, they seem to do their
own thing on their own.

maybe....maybe there's something to look at with
all of that.

maybe that'd be better to look at with a little
cold medicine in me...

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that you've just described the human condition. We are full of contradictions. Most profound ideas are contradictory, too.
"Your joy is your sorrow unmasked." Two sides to the same coin stuff.
Hope you feel better soonest!