Monday, January 11, 2010

we demand a re-start!

laughin' over here.
got to tradin' emails with a buddy of mine.
he's been sick.
had the flu.
and he said something about just not starting
the new year like he wanted.

i heartily agreed and said we need a re-start.

he jumped on that one.

that's why i think we've been friends for so
many years....we egg each other on.
it's the best thing about our relationship.

he loved the idea and said pick a date!
let's do it!

so i thought out loud as i typed to him, unsure
of which date would be best as i've still got
a cold and then need to take a day off to help
the patient get to his doctor this week.

finally, i just jumped in and said 'okay,
let's go for wednesday! let's just do it!'

he's on board. which makes tuesday nite new
year's eve again.

just for fun, i posted this on facebook and
to my total delight there were quite a few
people who also needed a restart!

i just laughed when i saw that!

why is it i have a feeling i may keep restarting
all year???

laughin and enjoyin' my friends.
why not?
we're gonna go for it.

startin' all over again.

hmmmmm......wonder if that means i should grab
a truffle now before the new year begins again?!!

so, if you need a restart.......we're offerin' one!
care to join us? just hop on in and enjoy the fun!

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