Tuesday, January 12, 2010

the bear wakes up

slept late again.
tryin' to get rid of that cold....
walked over to the bathroom.
ran the hot water.
pulled out a washcloth.
started washin' that crusty face off....

'i feel like i'm cleanin' off a sleepin'
bear,' i thought.

and then it got really fun.
my imagination went with it.

i took way extra long to wash my face.
it felt so good.
and i had such visuals.
the crusty bear face waking up.
ohhhh here's the eyes.
and the eyes blink and see the morning
for the first time in months.
oh look.
it's morning.
ah. it's so pretty i thought.
the eyes sparkled.

next the nose.
ohhhhhh the nose.
sniffle. sniffle.
not bad.
not bad at all.
it can wiggle.
it still works.
ah. my nose.

and i started laughing and washin'
and wakin' up.

i don't think i ever enjoyed washin'
my face as much as i did this morning.

there's something to be said for colds,
i thought.

usually i just wash my face real quick
and keeep movin.....

this was a whole event.
and i loved it.

turning towards the door, i made a happy
growling sound and went out to face the day.

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