Tuesday, January 12, 2010


sitting here eating cereal josh got me.
and i've never had such good cereal ever.

when he heard i had a cold, he said he
was gonna bring me some goodies.

you don't have to do that, i told him.
i'm fine.

he insisted.

well........i said.....
if you INSIST....there IS this one thing
i'd really really really like.
and i told him about this marvelous fruit
drink i found that's way expensive and i'm
only getting it for a treat for myself...
and if he wanted to get me a treat...that's
what i'd want.

figured i'd limit him to three bucks and i'd
get something i really wanted.

well, he came in with all kindsa goodies!
including SEVERAL of those drinks!

he's pullin' groceries outta the bag sayin'
things like 'i figured this would perk you
up! and you need this for your electrolytes'
and he pulled out goodie after goodie.

josh! you didn't have to do all this!!!
ohmygosh! wow!

he then went on to tell me how it meant so
much to him when i went and got him all those
groceries when he was sick. how it had mattered
a lot to him and he wanted to do the same back.

i smiled.
i knew he was watchin' his money right now.
workin' with some big bills and how this wasn't
in his budget to do and he did it anyway.

i remembered gettin' him the groceries when he
was sick....and how i was strugglin' a bit
financially too then. and didn't think twice.
you gotta do what you gotta do, i had told

it was the most wonderful feeling watching him
do it all back for me.

and watching his generous spirit just giving
to me and wanting to give to me.

i accepted graciously.
it was hard for a moment as i want to help him
budget....but it was only a moment of that.
cause i saw how important this was in other ways.

and i gotta tell ya, this cereal is the best
cereal i ever had in my life.

i think this whole darn cold is the best cold
i ever had in my life!!!

laughin'.....and lovin this.....

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