Thursday, January 14, 2010

some pent up energy........

ohmygosh...the weirdest thing just happened.

i was rushin' around like a madwoman tryin'
to get stuff done after getting home from a
GREAT doctor trip. our patient is doing
wonderfully, thankyouverymuch.

so i'm rushin' around, checkin' emails and
i get this note from someone thru face book.

and my mouth fell open.

a completely inappropriate note from an uncle
about his nephew's recent behavior towards
his family. i'm friends with the nephew and
the dear uncle just wrote an open note to all
the nephew's friends. totally trashed him,
explained to us all how he was breaking his
whole family's hearts and then asked us to
pray for him.

my mouth fell open.

and i knew from my reaction there was something
here for me.

a button.

and then i thanked the universe that i wasn't
on facebook thru my divorce. i could so see
this very kinda note bein' passed to all my

it was bad enough without face book.
i woulda just fallen thru the earth, if there
was face book access at that time.

normally, if i get an obnoxious note, i delete
it and move on. don't waste my energy.

not this time.
i found myself typing this guy and telling him
how incredibly inappropriate it was. and that
about all he did was back up any reason the
nephew would have for stepping aside from the

the righteousness of it all blew me away.

and so i sat and thought about it.
recalled my own stuff.

why didn't more of my friends step up and say
what was goin' on was wrong???
why did so many take what was said as true??

why didn't anyone just totally blow that
behavior outta the water???

cause we all try to make it as nice as we
can, i guess.

we all don't want to be stuck in the muck,
i guess.

well.....i learned something big thru all

i will never ever let anyone drag someone
thru the mud in front of me. ever.

and all this pent up energy came tumbling out.

all this time i have excused people for letting
it go on and for not stopping it.

ya know what?
that sucks.
everyone has their own reasons.

but for me?
i'm not just gonna smile and nod.

and that feels so darn good!

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Nurse Practitioner Sue said...

I'm with ya sister, because failure to stand up makes us complicit. I had the same thing occur with a FB friend & I wrote to him & unfriended him. I stood up & removed the toxicity. You go, Terri. Stay strong; that's one of the MANY things I love about you xxoo.